Gold Coins

Gold has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally because of gold's intrinsic value. In modern times, most gold coins are intended either to be sold to collectors, or to be used as bullion coins - coins whose nominal value is irrelevant and which serve primarily as a method of investing in gold.

Gold has been used as money for many reasons. It is fungible and easily transportable, as it has a high value to weight ratio, compared to other commodities, such as silver. Gold can be divided into smaller units, without destroying its value; it can also be melted into ingots, and re-coined. The density of gold is higher than most other metals, making it difficult to pass counterfeits. Gold is extremely un-reactive and the scarcity of gold stabilizes its value.

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Mexico 50 Mexican Peso Gold
Gold bullion coin investors wanting gold coins with small premiums should consider the Mexican 50..
Ex Tax: 8,946.32Lei
Weight1: 37.50g
Australia Nugget / Kangaroo, 1 oz Gold, 2012
Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins are Australia's basic 1-oz gold bullion coins. Initially introduce..
Ex Tax: 7,898.16Lei
Weight1: 31.10g
United Kingdom Full Sovereign Victoria Gold 1837-1901
First introduced in 1816, the British Gold Sovereign came to be the world’s most widely distrib..
Ex Tax: 2,027.99Lei
Weight1: 7.32g
China Panda 1/10 oz Gold 50 Yuan 2014
China issued its first gold coins picturing a Panda design in 1982, in sizes of 1, 1/2, 1/4, and ..
Ex Tax: 789.82Lei
Weight1: 3.11g
Austria Vienna Philharmonic 1 oz Gold 2014
Gold bullion coin investors looking to buy .9999 fine (99.99% pure) gold coins should consider th..
Ex Tax: 6,222.79Lei
Weight1: 31.10g
South Africa 2 Rand Gold
While the Rand is still considered legal tender, it has been largely removed from circulation aft..
Ex Tax: 1,464.66Lei
Weight1: 7.32g
Austria 1 Ducat Gold New Edition
Gold Ducats were minted for the first time at the beginning of the 16th century. Ever since they ..
Ex Tax: 741.26Lei
Weight1: 3.44g
USA Buffalo 1oz Gold 2012
Based on 2 reviews.
The American Buffalo gold coin is the first 24k gold (0.9999) coin for investments issued by the ..
Ex Tax: 7,419.48Lei
Weight1: 31.10g
China Panda 1/20 oz Gold 20 Yuan 2012
China issued its first gold coins picturing a Panda design in 1982, in sizes of 1, 1/2, 1/4, and ..
Ex Tax: 572.56Lei
Weight1: 1.55g
Canada Maple Leaf 1 oz Gold 2014
The Royal Canadian Mint's Gold Maple Leaf coins are among the world's premier gold bullion coins,..
Ex Tax: 6,222.79Lei
Weight1: 31.10g
South Africa Krugerrand 1/2 oz Gold 2013
The South African Krugerrand Gold Coin is the world's first gold bullion coin struck for investme..
Ex Tax: 3,350.73Lei
Weight1: 15.55g
Austria 100 Kronen Gold
he Austrian Kronen comes in different denominations, one of them being the 100 Kronen gold coin a..
Ex Tax: 7,743.24Lei
Weight1: 30.49g
1The weight displayed here is the fine gold or fine silver content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.